Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt Fan Club (MMSH Fan Club)

For a limited time, MMSH Fan Club Memberships cost only $57.99 per person - about the same amount as an entry to one of our scavenger hunts. 

Join our mailing list and receive a promo code for a SIGNIFICANT discount that is valid on memberships. (see below)

 MMSH Fan Club Membership Benefits:

Each membership comes with a free admission for one person to one scavenger hunt of your choice. Any location, and any date that is available on our schedule page. (Reservation is required in advance).

You can purchase memberships for as many people as you want in a single transaction. For example, if you purchase 5 memberships, you will receive the benefits of 5 members -  including 5 admissions to a scavenger hunt that can be used for admission of any 5 people. 

All Old Town San Diego scavenger hunts are for MMSH Fan Club members only! You may use your free membership admission at any of our 4 locations, but if you want to participate in Old Town SD, you must become a member first. 

Special offers and discounts. Members receive offers and discounts, not only to Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunts, but also to many other businesses we've formed connections with. Discounts will include many escape rooms, as well as other businesses we think our members will be interested in.

Members will receive a deep discounts on all MMSH merchandise. (coming soon)

Periodic emails will keep members up to date on new developments.

Member requests will help us determine where to locate new courses.

Members will have opportunities to be pictured as suspects in our scavenger hunts.

Members may have opportunities to be undercover operatives during scavenger hunts.

Members will have opportunities to 'meet and greet' with the creator of the scavenger hunts after most scavenger hunts.


CLICK HERE to purchase MMSH Fan Club Memberships & reserve space for 9/15/18 in Old Town SD

CLICK HERE to purchase MMSH Fan Club Memberships & use the free admissions for one of the Orange County locations. (You will then have to call us to make your reservation)


Send an email to with 'Mailing List' in the subject line. You will receive a promo code within 24 hours. If the event starts within 24 hours, call for promo code: 949-369-0329. 
(We will NOT email often, and we will NOT share your email address with anyone else)