Normally, all of our public scavenger hunts, at all cities, start at a restaurant with a 30 minutes orientation. However, due to issues with the restaurant we have used in San Clemente, and that there is no suitable replacement in the area, we will be starting all public San Clemente scavenger hunts outside. (This change does not affect privately booked events).


Rather than having the orientation, all instructions and rules will be emailed to players two days before the event. It will be your responsibility to read all of it before you arrive!


When we meet, you will be given the materials you need for the hunt, and we will answer any questions, but no instructions will be given!


In addition, we will not have a closing presentation of the winning teams. The rankings of teams will be emailed after the event.

This is not ideal, but without an indoor place to gather all teams, this is the only way we can run the San Clemente scavenger hunt.