Prepare for an adventure that is unlike anything else in the world.


While most scavenger hunts are simple and suitable for young
children, ours are very intricate and designed to be challenging
and entertaining for adults.


You are not a spectator at a show or dinner theatre.  With your team, you will explore a city and solve clues to reveal a murderer.


Come visit us for an experience you'll never forget.


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CORONA VIRUS UPDATE: Our events have very little contact with other people.   We gather at a restaurant for the opening and closing announcements. Each team sits at their own table. (We do not add strangers to your team). 

During the scavenger hunt, you are outside, and there is little interaction with other people, other than the people you bring that are on your team.

We will only cancel events on a case by case basis if most people who signed up for that event want to cancel.

If you want to stay over 6 feet away from all strangers, you should not attend. But if you are comfortable going to a grocery store, or eating at a restaurant, attending one of our events should be less risky than that.


Contact us for more info:

(949) 369-0329