Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt:

Laguna Beach,  San Clemente,  Old Town San Diego, Newport Beach


Corporate Outings and TeamBuilding:

Private events can be reserved any day of the week. 


Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt has all of the elements needed to make your next team-building event the BEST ever!

The clues are innovative and multi-layered, so to be successful, teammates must collaborate and build on each other's creativity to find answers within the evidence they find. Each clue at every location is designed to be completely different from the last, which allows every participant MANY opportunities to uniquely contribute towards the success of their team. 
What makes our hunts great is balance: If the clues are too easy, it's not engaging and there is no need for collaboration... but if the clues are unfairly difficult, it becomes too frustrating, and that's no fun at all. Our
Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews prove that we strike the perfect balance of making the events challenging enough to be an exciting and fulfilling adventure.

Every team solves all of the same clues, but in a different order. Depending on each team's dynamic, an element that one team struggles with, another team may find to be very easy, and vice versa, so every team has a very different experience. And when all of the teams gather together at the end of the hunt, they have many facets to compare and talk about with each other.

The friendly-natured competition motivates players to work with their teammates with the common goal of solving the murder AND defeating the other teams.

Unlike most other scavenger hunts and clue based games, which are suitable for children, our events are intricate and designed to be challenging for adults. And most importantly, THIS IS REALLY FUN!!!

Click HERE for a more thorough description of our Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunts.


Private bookings can be reserved any day of the week. And they can be customized to be shorter if you don't have as much time as is listed in our descriptions.
It's more affordable than you may think... Contact us to discuss pricing options that will fit your budget:
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When emailing, please list which location(s) you want info for: Laguna Beach, San Clemente, Old Town SD, or Newport Beach.

And if you can't bring your group to one of our scavenger hunt locations:

Click HERE for information on our portable MURDER MYSTERY ESCAPE ROOM.


Other Private Events:

Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt is also great for private parties for all occasions. It will be a fun day your guests will never forget!   Perfect for birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties or any occasion you have to get a group of people together and enjoy the day.


Contact Info:
 (949) 369-0329





"My entire office had such a blast and everyone was still talking about it on Monday!!! ...The course itself is well designed... The sleuth work was certainly very challenging and when you finally figure out the right answer, it's so rewarding! ...I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for some friendly competition and a ton of fun." 


"Our recent company summer outing included participation in the Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt. We had a fabulous time. The Hunt is very clever and well organized."


"Awesome experience!!! ...A great way to work as a team with co-workers while still making it a competitive event...  I would highly recommend this activity for companies seeking a different type of team building experience. Our entire group is looking forward to doing the San Clemente hunt in the future. Thanks for your well thought out puzzles, clues and tour of Laguna Beach."


"As part of my company's team building event, we participated in the Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt and it was a great experience! The host, was very friendly and well organized. The game included multiple puzzles that were very well thought out and innovative... it was a great time not only trying to solve the murder mystery, but also bonding with my teammates!"


"I just finished a corporate scavenger hunt and it exceeded all expectations!  ...Our company has already decided to do the new scavenger hunt in San Clemente next year. Rematch!"


"Our company had a team building outing... What a great time we had! This is a well thought-out, fun, and challenging who-done-it adventure...I highly recommend."


"We did the route in Laguna Beach for a work event...It was a first of this type of adventure for any of the group, and everyone had a great time and have been talking about it for days... We are already trying to plan a rematch in San Clemente!" 


"The creativity of Walt Disney and the clever musings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famed detective Sherlock Holmes"


"Wow... In a nutshell, doesn't get much better than this."


"The scavenger hunt was awesome! I never got bored. I was always excited to see the next puzzle to solve. It wasn't too easy and it wasn't too hard."


"First class experience! If you are looking for a unique experience while exploring Laguna Beach, then this is the activity!"


"Genius!!! ...such a fun experience, that we are already ready to go again!!! Not only was it fun, but, it was a great way to discover and explore Laguna Beach. I will be shocked if anyone in our session gives anything lower than 5 stars."


"The exploring of Laguna Beach was fun, but most impressive is the creativity of the puzzles. We were just in awe of the detail involved."


“Challenging, thrilling, a boat load of fun... This by FAR exceeded my expectations."


"We absolutely loved it! It was challenging, fun and entertaining and the perfect activity to get outdoors and have an adventure in downtown Laguna Beach."


"I highly recommend this as this is one of the best things to do in Laguna Beach."