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Marriage Proposals:

Amazing Race Style


Customized to include details and locations that are special to your relationship!

This can be designed for any occasion, but it’s absolutely perfect for sending your future bride on a day of fun, solving unique clues to figure out where to go next, and ending with your surprise marriage proposal.


My name is Alex. I’ve designed every clue for all 6 of our Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt locations. Each hunt is about 4 hours of solving unique clues. In the scavenger hunts, these clues are designed to eliminate suspects until you reveal the murderer. I can select from the best of these ideas and rework the solutions to lead your special someone from one location to the next.


Every detail will be customized with your input. The more input you give me, the better it will turn out. Tell me about your relationship: interests, hobbies, pets, favorite movies, inside jokes. I can work a lot of it into the puzzles. You select locations that have meaning to you, and I can likely design a clue that leads there and a clue that leads to the next location.



$1000 - $1200 (depending on the amount time required for the customization you want).

This is access to my library of clues that I’ve developed over the last 10 years and approximately 15 - 20 hours of my time to redesign them into an Amazing Race that leads to the locations you select.

This package includes 6 to 8 of my best clues. I’ll describe many ideas and you pick the 6 to 8 that you like best. I’ll customize them to lead to the locations you specify and I’ll personalize the clues to include your interests. The clues will lead through 6 to 8 locations until your loved one arrives at the finish line, where you can be ready to propose. I can even design a clue there to reveal the engagement ring.


The only limit is our imaginations, and I have a lot of ideas. But this project is a partnership that will require just as much time from you as it does from me. This can be done anywhere in the world because you’ll be the one scouting out the locations and sending pictures and details to me. My Gold Package is for the design only! I will not be traveling to any of the locations you select. If you want to incorporate a business, such as hiding a clue inside a cupcake at a bakery, you must contact the bakery to arrange that. If you want a clue to be a key for a hotel room, you’ll need to book the hotel in advance, know the room number in advance, and pick up the key.


I can design a course that has no fringe costs, or if you want something more extravagant, the game can include presents and flowers and food and custom made puzzles and rented spaces... But again, the Gold Package includes only my design. Any additional costs for presents, props or locations will add greatly to the possibilities, but they will be paid directly by you. I’ll design and deliver all clues that can be photoshopped and printed, and I will make some props depending on complexity.


For the day of the event, you’ll have everything you need and detailed instructions to make sure everything works. It will be up to you to make sure each location is set properly. It will help if you have some friends involved at some locations to set up clues and make sure nothing is tampered with... or even to be part of the game and interact with the player. You should also have a help line the player can call or text, in case they can’t solve a clue. The helpline can be answered by you or a friend.


This is a service that I can provide on a very limited basis. My first priority is running the scavenger hunts and I will only accept one proposal project at a time. The time it takes to complete the design will depend more on you than anything else. I can’t even begin without knowing exactly where a clue needs to lead and what I have to work with at that location to use as a potential clue, so you must provide these details quickly. If you are slow to send the info I need, there will be significant delays. Do not hire me for this unless you can spend the time to scout out the locations, take pictures, contact businesses, etc. I am reasonable, but if there are significant delays and I have others waiting for this service, I reserve the right to halt your project and come back to it after I complete the next customer’s project.



Of course we can talk for free. But in order to discuss ANY specific ideas, a payment of $500 is required, which will be applied to the total. On this call, I’ll lay out many ideas so you’ll have a good idea of what you’ll have to choose from. I’ll give you options so you won’t be stuck with any ideas you don’t love. This $500 is not refundable once I’ve explained the clues. Otherwise, what’s to stop anyone from just listening to my ideas and then using them without paying. However, if after I've detailed 3 ideas, you tell me it’s not at all what you had in mind, I’ll refund all but $100.


I will email each clue as I finish that section so you can test them on your friends to make sure they work and are not too difficult. The balance is due once I’ve prepared 50% of the design.


SILVER PACKAGE: Only available in Orange County CA.

For $700, I’ll design an Amazing Race style adventure using landmarks and clues I already use in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Dana Point and San Clemente. Very little personalization will be available with this option, but it will be a fun set of clues that will lead anywhere you want for the final destination.



If you want to attend our Dana Point Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt on a day on our schedule that’s open to the public, I reworked a clue to decode to “Will You Marry Me.”

We’ll meet in advance at this very beautiful, scenic location so you’ll know before the hunt exactly how this clue is solved. On the day of the hunt, you’ll steer your team to make this your final clue. Because this will be an event that’s open to the public, there will be other teams playing the scavenger hunt, unaware that you have a secret agenda. Your loved one will not see the surprise coming if you play along. This can be done for $250 plus the cost of the scavenger hunt tickets. Or if you want to do this scavenger hunt as a private event with the proposal built in, call or email for pricing info.



For all packages, you are purchasing the right to use the customized design once.

All clues are copywritten and I retain all ownership.






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