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Murder Mystery Escape Room is a very unique hybrid between our


It's portable! We'll come to your home or office and set up two to four rooms with the exact same crime scene. You'll divide your group into teams, one team per crime scene. As you solve clues, you'll gain access to locked cases to discover fun surprises that eliminate suspects, or reveal more clues, or ???
Everything you need to determine the killer, rescue hostages and recover the murder weapon is within that crime scene... the team that solves it fastest is the winner!

Most escape rooms give you 60 minutes. We've never felt satisfied after just 60 minutes so we've packed about 50% more into our crime scene. The average team takes about 100 MINUTES to solve it and we give you TWO FULL HOURS to make sure every team has enough time to crack the case. We are there if you need help, but it will add to your time when we give you hints... just to keep the competition fair.

Competition is a main difference between Murder Mystery Escape Room and other escape rooms. Because each team is solving the exact same clues in separate rooms, your goal is to solve it faster than the other teams. So, you don't just beat the room, you defeat the other teams. With most other escape rooms, if you have more than one team, you either solve completely different clues, or you have shifts of teams waiting to play. With us, up to 4 teams can solve the same murder mystery at the same time!

Ideal size is 4 - 5 people per team, but you can have 3 - 6 people per team. (We have 4 sets of clues, so the maximum is 24 people)

We designed this with CORPORATE TEAMBUILDING in mind, but this is also a very unique event if you want to host a MURDER MYSTERY THEMED PARTY WITH YOUR FRIENDS AT YOUR HOME.

We host a lot of company teambuilding events with our Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunts, which is our first recommendation.
(Click HERE for a full description of our Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunts).

But the scavenger hunts have a few limitations, which the Murder Mystery Escape Room has been designed to rectify:
1) It's portable. If you can't travel to one of our scavenger hunt locations, we can bring Murder Mystery Escape Room to you.
2) The scavenger hunts require daylight and nice weather. The Murder Mystery Escape Room is played inside, so it can continue after dark and through pouring rain.
3) Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunts take longer. If you don't have enough time to do our scavenger hunt, the Murder Mystery Escape Room is the perfect option.
4) Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunts are very reasonably priced if you have a larger group of people, but if you have a small group, Murder Mystery Escape Room has a lower minimum cost. (see below for full pricing info).

Our first Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt opened in Laguna Beach in 2013, so we've been crafting intricate clues before escape rooms became trendy.
We make sure our clues are balanced. You want clues that are challenging, but solvable by most teams. If clues are too easy, there's no thrill when you solve it. If clues are too difficult, that's just frustrating - we've experienced escape rooms with success rates under 10%... That's not what we do.

Our scavenger hunts have a success rate of about 60 - 65%, which is a good balance. We did not design the clues within our escape room to be more difficult, but is a little more challenging than our scavenger hunts simply because you are presented with more clues all at one time, and you have to determine which items help solve other clues. Like our scavenger hunts, we use many types of unique clues, puzzles and riddles in our escape room, so if you have loved one of our scavenger hunts, you will also love this escape room.

If you are an escape room enthusiast, we give these disclaimers:
Disclaimer #1) We love clues that require you to be creative and think in different ways. But this is not a game of searching. Everything we bring into the crime scene is in plain sight and will be used to solve a clue eventually. If you like the search aspect of escape rooms, this will disappoint you.

Disclaimer #2) This is not a game with elaborate decorations. There are two reasons for this. One, we hate escape rooms that decorate and create red herrings that waste your time. Nothing is more frustrating than wasting 10 minutes on a clue that turns out to be nothing more than a decoration. The second reason is that we bring the event to you. It will take us

about 20 minutes per room to set up. Adding decoration into the mix would add a lot of time to the set-up and break-down of each crime scene. Our clues are elaborate, but if you love the themed decorations of some escape rooms, this will disappoint you.

Disclaimer #3) This is not an actual escape room. The goal of this game is not to escape from the room. Again, we are coming to you, and we cannot lock you in your own room. So, the goal is to reveal the killer by eliminating people from the suspect pool until one suspect remains, and also to locate the murder weapon. If you want to escape from the room... just go... the door is not locked.

The price is based on the number of rooms. Each room can have 3 - 6 people.

4 TEAMS = 4 CRIME SCENES = 4 ROOMS (up to 24 people) = $625.00

3 TEAMS = 3 CRIME SCENES = 3 ROOMS (up to 18 people) = $550.00

2 TEAMS = 2 CRIME SCENES = 2 ROOMS (up to 12 people) = $450.00 ...  (Sorry, we are only taking reservations

                            for 2 team bookings if your event date is within a few days of booking and we have the date available)


We are based in San Clemente. There will be a surcharge if your event location is over 25 minutes away.​

Contact us for availability:
(949) 369-0329  
These are private events and no vouchers to Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunts can be applied to Murder Mystery Escape Room.

For each team, you need a separate room that is big enough for the players to walk around each other. Each room does not have to be enclosed (we can set up in a kitchen or living room), but each team should not be able to see or hear what another team is doing. For each room, we need enough sturdy table, desk, or counter space that is equivalent to at least the total area of a 6 person dining table. We also need at least 1 wall or large window to tape up clues.
It is best to clear out any clutter from the rooms.

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